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This Is Our Integration Package...

What It Includes:

  • All of Basic

    Everything that is included in the basic package also gets built into this package.

  • CRM Integration

    We can work with most databases and integrate your new forms right in.

  • Email Filters

    You tired of wasting time when you're catching up on emails? This is a time saver by automating emails into manageable folders to make them easy to sort.

  • Custom Audience

    We will help you build the best target audiences so you can run ads effectively.

  • Monthly Follow Up

    We will follow up for a quick 15 minute chat just to check on your progress!

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Why You May Need This Package:

What It Includes:

Everything that you that is included in the Basic Package is included as a part of this package.

A lot leads can get lost if they are not entered into your CRM when someone fills a form out on your website.  A could be many things that could be making this a difficult task. Having the proper setup between all your digital platforms which is crucial because cuts down on your response time and the work needed to do catch up. Having reminders set and central place to find all the important information needed makes it much easier to do your everyday tasks. 

This is basically a way to search and automate your inbox to follow a specific set of rules. Just think about how the postal service separates all the mail into routes… Well we encourage setting that up in your inbox as well so you can navigate and prioritize your inbound mail. This is a great idea for tracking lead source as well.  

We make sure your Facebook account is set up correctly to monitor your Facebook Pixel account. We take a short script of code from your account and embed it into the site so we can set it up for a custom audience. You can now target your web visitors with this feature. 

Our favorite part! You can schedule with us once a month for a short 15 minute session to see how your business is progressing. We encourage you to let us know some cool stories and we would love to share them on our blog!

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