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This Is Our Basic Package...

What It Includes:

  • Hosted Domain

    We will include hosting for 1 year along for your project's domain. If you don't have a domain, we will show you how to get one!

  • Google Tag Manager

    We install this so you can track your visitors online behavior.

  • Facebook Pixel

    This is used to re-target your web traffic on Facebook's platforms.

  • WordPress Installation

    One of the most flexible CSM's out there. We will show you how to update and use it.

  • Instructional Videos

    Learn what to make of all your analytics and how to generate more leads!

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Why You May Need This Package:

What It Includes:

This is a big money saver if you are currently paying another company monthly. The reality is with most servers you can support multiple websites on the same panel. We can work with either option but you can host your site on one of our servers for a year included. 

At the end of the day, your website is a form of advertisement for business. It’s nice to be able to measure your visitors behavior because they will be the ones that determine how you run your digital presence. This way you can always know what’s the most functional way to run your marketing online. Google Analytics can cover everything from demographics to time spent on page. This is a great way to increase sales and generate leads. 

Facebook has emerged as one of the top advertising platforms on this planet. There is no reason not to take advantage at all that online traffic and promote your business or services within. The Pixel by Facebook is a tag that is embedded in your website code and allows you to advertise to that very audience. (Some industries are limited) 

There are many ways to build a website: raw code, software or even a photo editor. WordPress is a free software many websites use and we upload our starter them onto your website and customize it from there. We install plugins that make a lot of the difficult tasks easy to do yourself. It is very user friendly to customize and easy to backup in case of any mistakes. 

One of the best parts of this package is the instructional videos you will get. The more questions we get, the more videos we make. Sometimes mistakes happen, but that’s we help you and then share the remedy with others! 

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