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This Is Our Automation Package...

What It Includes:

  • All of Integration

    Everything that is included in the integration package also gets built into this package.

  • Event Tracking

    We will set up event triggers into your websites so you can track button clicks and what you know what is working best. If you run ads this is a must!

  • Live Chat

    Want to respond super quickly? Say no more, we will put a live chat into your site and connect it to your phone for quick response.

  • Pop Up Forms

    Have a sale or raffle? Advertise it here!

  • Automated Campaigns

    A way to set up auto response features so you can focus on your business offline.

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Why You May Need This Package:

What It Includes:

Everything that you that is included in the Integration Package is included as a part of this package.

Event tracking is set up on your Google Analytics account so that you can use that information for ad optimization and also decision making for improvements you may need. It’s always nice to see what’s working and it’s in your visitors best interest because you will be able to build around them! We recommend this package for anyone wanting to go with ads for marketing their site. 

A seat is basically a seat in a virtual office so that you can have one user chatting live at a time. This can be set up several different ways but it all depends on the model of your business. For those in the service industry, this package is highly recommended because of it’s detail to hospitality. 

This is great for when you want to offer a promo or even a newsletter service, this feature can be used to catch your visitors attention more effectively. You can even set a time or place for the form to pop up.

Would you like to automatically send an email to your clients after perform a certain action? This can all be setup for you so you no longer have to worry about manually sending emails! We can even get you going on automated chat bots that can be placed around various platforms.

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