2K20 Insights

Our Mission:

We are 2K20 Insights and we have helped many of the companies we have worked for build their online presence to increase business. Most businesses haven’t updated their sites to be adaptable to today’s devices. We want to help as many people get reasy for the new way to manage your online presence in order to help your business grow. We want you see how your online traffic is performing so that you can maximize your efforts. Book a free apointment so we can see if you’re ready for the 2020’s!

What a Consultation is All About:

 At the end of the day, we’re still a startup. That’s something we are proud of because we don’t need to follow any structured guidelines or sales goals. This is fun for us and it’s what we love doing. If we can’t help your business, then we definitely don’t want to sell you. We love to learn how your company runs and see if there’s anything we can help out with. You’d be surprised to see how many headaches can go away with some free advice. When they need us, we usually become the first call that they make.

 We see what the current problem is: businesses and services are constantly falling behind on times and it’s not cheap to catch up. Most likely it is because of all the options available no matter what industry you’re in. The reality is that the “skeleton” that operates it basically boils down to the same thing. We just jump on a phone call with you after we get an idea from checking your site/social media current. If you are a visual person we can even jump on a video call and we can share our screen with you to follow along!

 Our Experience. We come from big tech companies (think publicly traded) and were on two opposite ends of their advertising business. Naturally our careers have led us down similar interests and we have been developing similar projects. One side is sales and the other programming and marketing. Obviously most our projects revolve around the website but that is because it’s the first thing a visitor sees. What your website does is the most important part, that’s the part nobody but you sees. We are here to help with that.

Screenshots of Some Projects